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Laie Hawaii – Atop a tropical hill, the Laie Temple extends an aloha for all. Within the island paradise of Hawaii, the Laie Temple is surrounded by lush flora and wildlife. The temple itself is part of the island, the concrete used to construct the structure is made of native lava rock and coral that gives it a distinct gleam. Adjacent to the temple is the Church-funded Polynesian Cultural Center. Laie is the 5th temple and the first one located outside the Continental United States. The ocean breeze brushes across the Laie Temple as it is a place of healing and peace.

Available Tours

Take a guided tour of the Laie Hawaii Temple with one of our friendly volunteers. On the tour, you’ll be guided through interactive displays, get an inside look at the history of the Laie Temple, and have an amazing experience with Thorvaldsen’s Christus. All tours are hosted by the Laie Temple Visitors’ Center.

*Please note that these tours do not take through into the actual temple. Many temple visitors’ centers have model replicas of the temple that they’ll use to show the interior of the temple.

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What to Expect

When you join a physical or virtual tour, you’ll be greeted by one of our friendly volunteers. From there, you’ll start your tour. Make sure to mention anything that you’re interested in seeing or questions that you have. Our volunteers are friendly and helpful.

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After you’ve met the volunteers that will take you on your tour, they’ll get you started to see the things you’re interested in.

History of the Laie Temple

The Laie Hawaii Temple, first dedicated to the Lord in November of 1919, is made of native lava rock and coral that has been crushed and reinforced with steel. The temple sits on Oahu’s north shore, not far from Brigham Young’s University-Hawaii (BYUH.) The grounds feature a beautiful tropical garden with local palms and lights and are also located down the street from the renowned Polynesian Cultural Center.

The Laie  Hawaii Temple was the first LDS temple built outside of the continental United States and stars hand-painted murals within. While initially the smallest temple, the Laie Temple has gradually been enlarged to its current 40,000 square feet.