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Los Angeles, California – Within the City of Angels, The Los Angeles Temple shines brightly for all to see. It was in construction during World War Two but had to be delayed because of the war, it wasn’t until 1956 that it would be dedicated. The Los Angeles Temple is one of five temples featuring an Angel Moroni statue holding the gold plates. It is known to be shown in several films made in the Los Angeles area, one of these includes the 1966 Batman movie. Los Angeles is the first temple built in California and the tenth dedicated temple. It continues to inspire others as it shines like a star on the hill. 

Available Tours

Take a guided tour of the Los Angeles Temple with one of our friendly volunteers. On the tour, you’ll be guided through interactive displays, get an inside look at the history of the Los Angeles Temple, and have an amazing experience with Thorvaldsen’s Christus. All tours are hosted by the Los Angeles Temple Visitors’ Center.

*Please note that these tours do not take you into the actual temple. Many temple visitors’ centers have model replicas of the temple that they’ll use to show the interior of the temple.

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When you join a physical or virtual tour, you’ll be greeted by one of our friendly volunteers. From there, you’ll start your tour. Make sure to mention anything that you’re interested in seeing or questions that you have. Our volunteers are friendly and helpful.

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After you’ve met the volunteers that will take you on your tour, they’ll get you started to see the things you’re interested in.

History of the Los Angeles Temple

The Los Angeles Temple was the first temple to be built in the state of California. Its gardens feature several types of palms, birds of paradise, and rare Chinese Ginkgo trees. The Los Angeles Temple was announced in 1937, but construction was delayed due to World War Two. There are only five temples that feature an Angel Moroni on their spire holding the gold plates, the Los Angeles Temple being one of them. The statue, initially facing southeast, was later turned to face east at request of the then Church President, David O. McKay.

The Los Angeles Temple can be briefly seen in the 1966 Batman movie filmed near the temple in Westwood.